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Kazakhstan is a country of ancient civilization of the Eurasian continent, the birthplace of nomadic tribes. Through its territory a significant piece of the Great Silk Road passes.

Our country is the ninth largest in the world. A variety of natural landscapes and wildlife impresses even the most experienced travelers! We have rich culture and a very rich history.

And, most important of all, we are very hospitable people.
Discover unexplored Kazakhstan with us
In the very heart of Eurasia equidistantly from the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean there is an incredible and amazing country!
Vast territory spreads from the south of the Urals to the warm Caspian waters, from magnificent Tien-Shan mountains to the snow-capped peaks of the Altai, from endless steppes to relict groves and forests, “singing” dunes to buried in greenery orchards and gardens. 13 national parks and 10 buffer zones are created and kept here.
Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world and the largest one not having access to the sea. More than 130 ethnic groups and nationalities live in the republic in peace and harmony.
Kazakhstan is the motherland of tulips and apples. Horses were first domesticated on the territory of modern Kazakhstan. The first artificial satellite of the Earth and the first man were sent into space from the cosmodrome Baikonur in Kazakhstan. The highest mountain skating-rink in the world, the highest TV tower (if considered above sea level) and the highest water-power plant chimney are located here.
Kazakhstan can suggest an unforgettable journey back to the history for its tourists
Nowadays the UNESCO World Heritage Site list includes 8 historical and cultural exhibits of the country and 16 more are awaiting the commission’s approval
There are a lot of ancient colonies and settlements scattered all over the territory of Kazakhstan. Each of these settlements has its own unique history and most of them are connected with the history and development of the Great Silk Road. Nowadays many of them are popular tourist objects and definitely worth seeing.

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We are diversified travel operator that sent more than 8 million happy tourist to destinatons around the world and in Kazakhstan. We work only with the most proven and reliable partners in the region.

We have Kompas teams in 7 countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus and Azerbaijan with about 200 employees.
We are the one of the leading company in Kazakhstan for outgoing, domestic and incoming tourism.
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    We can suggest our tourists a great variety of individual and group tours to the most picturesque and popular places.
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    Nowadays Touroperator KOMPAS is able to provide tourist services to any taste: from economy class for experienced and unpretentious travelers up to chic apartments for luxury and comfort lovers. Professional consultants advise the client tour that is suitable for his interests, wishes and capabilities.
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    We have own charter programs on the most popular destinations and guaranteed blocks of rooms in the best hotels.
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    Each tour and flight are thoroughly tested by our specialists that is our clients could get unforgettable impressions from their vacation. For its 17 years of work the company was repeatedly awarded republic and international certificates, diplomas and prizes.
  • wide range of services
    In company’s arsenal there is a wide range of services: beginning with city sightseeing tours, national master-classes and classical excursions up to extreme jeep tours, mountain hikes and other adventures.
  • wide cooperation
    At the moment the country successfully works in cooperation with more than 5000 agencies all over the world.
We offer wide range of services
  • Hotels
    Exclusive contracts and best prices
  • Transfers
    From budget to VIP
  • Professional Guides
    Professional Guides in various languages
  • Activities
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  • Individual Offer
    Designing individual and tailor made programs
  • MICE and group tours

    Individually according to your request

Tour examples
ALMATY Welcome tour 2023
  • BB base + excursions
  • 1 day. ALMATY + City tour+ Hunting burds show
  • 2 day. Issyk Lake and Trout Farm
  • 3 day. Almaty – Hunns Ethno Village + horse show + Bow shooting master class
  • 4 day. DEPARTURE, free day
4d/5n от 190 USD, 4* hotel
  • FB base + excursions
  • 1 day. ALMATY + City tour+ Hunting burds show
  • 2-5 day. Start of JEEP TOUR to Singing dunes, Seven Hundred Summer Tree, Aktau mountains, Lava Katutau, Ancient Mosque, Tiger Mountains, Charyn Canyon, Thermal Springs, Lake Kaindy, Lake Kolsay
  • 6 day Shymbulak Resort
  • 7 day. DEPARTURE, free day
7d/6n от 480 USD
Winter tour ALMATY & NUR-SULTAN 2022-2023
  • FB base + excursions
  • 1 day. ALMATY + City tour
  • 3 day. Excursion and accommodation in SHYMBULAK MOUNTAIN RESORT
  • 4 day. NUR-SULTAN, trip to BOROVOE resort
  • 5 day. NUR-SULTAN + City tour
  • 6 day. DEPARTURE, free day
6d/5n от 545 USD, 4* hotel
The heart of Almaty
  • BB base + excursions
  • 1 day ALMATY, free day
  • 2 day Medeo&Shymbulak Mountain Resort
  • 3 day Free Day
  • 4 day DEPARTURE, free day
4d/5n от 156 USD, 4* hotel
Gastronomic Tour
  • FB base + excursions
  • 1 day ALMATY, free day
  • 2 day City tour + Shymbulak Mountain Resort + Lunch in restaurant (national cuisine) + Dinner in local family, the main dish of Kazakh cuisine "Beshbarmak" with lamb's head and giblets
  • 3 day Huns Ethno Village + horse show, bow shooting master class, Lunch central asian cuisine "Plov" + Kazakh traditions show + Kumyz + night in a yurt + Dinner
  • 4 day Apiary, honey tasting + Trout Farm, fishing, lunch + Dinner, wine and cheese tasting
  • 5 day Charyn Canyon + national lunch "Syrne" (lamb meat & vegetables), samovar tea + Dinner BBQ
  • 6 day Kolsay&Kaindy lakes + horse riding + boating + lunch "Manty" + dinner of delicious "Sorpa" soup
  • 7 day DEPARTURE, free day
7d/6n from 770 USD, 4* hotel
Back to the past
  • BB base + excursions
  • 1 day ALMATY, free day
  • 2 day Shymbulak Mountain Resort
  • 3 day Huns Ethno Village + horse show + Bow shooting master class
  • 4 day Free day
  • 5 day DEPARTURE, free day
5d/4n from 266 USD, 4* hotel
Information is prepared on the basis of the legislative acts as of May 2022


Since April 11, 2022, restrictions on crossing the Kazakhstan border have been lifted. IDC permission is no longer required for foreigners arriving in the country by air, as well as for those who cross the border by land transport at checkpoints with Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Effective January 1, 2022, Kazakhstan resumed visa-free regime for citizens of 54 countries.

In total, citizens of 77 countries can visit Kazakhstan without visa:
1. Australia**
2. Austria**
3. Azerbaijan***
4. Argentina**
5. Armenia***
6. Bahrain**
7. Belarus***
8. Belgium**
9. Bulgaria**
10. Brazil**
11. Canada**
12. Chile**
13. Colombia**
14. Croatia**
15. Cyprus**
16. Czech Republic**
17. Maldives**
18. Denmark**
19. Estonia**
20. Ecuador**

21. Finland**
22. France**
23. Germany**
24. Greece**
25. Georgia***
26. Hungary**
27. Hong-kong*
28. Israel**
29. Indonesia**
30. Ireland**
31. Iceland**
32. Italy**
33. Japan**
34. Kuwait**
35. Kyrgystan***
36. Latvia**
37. Lithuania**
38. Liechtenstein**
39. Luxembourg**
40. Malaysia**

41. Malta**
42. Mexico**
43. Monaco**
44. Moldova***
45. Mongolia***
46. Netherlands**
47. New Zealand **
48. Norway **
49. Oman**
50. Poland**
51. Portugal**
52. Philippines**
53. Qatar **
54. Romania**
55. Russia***
56. Saudi Arabia**
57. Singapore**
58. Serbia**
59. Slovakia**
60. Slovenia**

61. South Korea**
62. Spain**
63. Sweden**
64. Switzerland**
65. Thailand**
66. Turkey**
67. Tajikistan***
68. UAE**
69. United Kingdom**
70. USA**
71. Uzbekistan**
72. Ukraine***
73. Vatican**
74. Vietnam**
75. Iran*
76. India*
77. China*

* - visa-free entry up to 14 days

** - visa-free entry up to 30 days

*** - visa-free entry up to 90 days

Period of stay
Citizens of 54 countries can stay in Kazakhstan without visa for up to 30 calendar days at each entry. Number of visits is unlimited. However, a total period of stay under such visits should not exceed 90 calendar days within a 180-day period.

Foreigners from the list of 54 countries do not require IDC permission to enter the country.

Foreign citizens can visit Kazakhstan with tourist, private and short-term business purposes under visa waiver. Business trips may include meetings, negotiations, contracts conclusion, as well as participation in the conferences and forums.

Pay attention. Within the framework of visa-free travel, foreigners are prohibited from engaging in missionary, labor or other paid activities in Kazakhstan. Any installation and repair work are also prohibited. Visa is required for such purposes of visit.

no more needed


Effective June 8, 2022, Kazakhstan canceled mandatory requirement on provision of the vaccination passport and PCR certificate with a negative result for Covid while crossing the border*.

This means that foreign citizens and KZ citizens no longer need a PCR certificate / vaccination passport to arrive in Kazakhstan. Such measure applies regardless of the type of transport by which arriving persons cross the Kazakhstan border.

* Decreee of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the RoK No. 27 dated 07.06.2022.

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